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Compass Marketing Research supports your research needs with great facilities, outstanding service and warm hospitality.We understand what’s truly important to you – quality recruiting, excellent project management, flawless project execution and a gold standard of service for you and your associates.We are committed to delivering this to you every time you entrust us with your business

Our experience as marketers and users of marketing research on the client side have given us a unique real-world perspective of our clients' needs and expectations.  Years of experience in the hospitality industry have cultivated our team's hyper focus on customer service. “Our product is research, but we’re really in the service business”.

We stand ready to serve you as much or as little as your project may require.We often work with clients who benefit from our full service capabilities, and just as often, support our peers in the industry with field services.Whether your requirements are simple or complex you will always get the best of what you need from the Compass Marketing Research team.

We love the business we are in, we are an experienced and dynamic team, and if you’re not already one of our clients, we would like you to become one.